ML: Embedding trained model to a website (Titanic pt.4)

Once we are satisfied with our trained model we might want to embed it somewhere - perhaps brag with it online. We are going to embed our Titanic model to a »

ML: Feature engineering (Titanic pt.3)

Another technique we previously mentioned that can be used to try making our predictions better is Feature Engineering. In todays article we will take a look »

Slack desktop dark theme

If you love dark themes everywhere as much as I do, you surely have been wondering why Slack still does not support one. Here is a quick tutorial how to use »

ML: Encoding features and classifier performance (Titanic pt.2)

As we previously mentioned, we will be looking into making our simplest classifier model better. One of the commonly used techniques used is categorical feature »

Why and how I started learning Python and Machine Learning pt.2

It has been over a year since I decided to document my python/ML/Data Science learning path online a bit. A lot has happened in the meantime, especially in my »

ML: Building a simple classifier (Titanic pt.1)

Learning Machine Learning is an intimidating task - there is simply way too much to learn, too many tools, technologies and techniques to grasp. On the other »

Docker: cleanup unused resources

Docker likes to eat up disk space, so having some scripts handy for occasional cleanup is useful. I am storing here what I (currently) use for future reference »

Simple macOS hacks I use

Some of us like to customise the user experience of systems and tools we use - changing themes, fonts, ordering etc. This is my current list of things I like »

Symfony: Roles and Permissions in configuration

There are different approaches to managing roles and permissions on a project, ranging from very simple hardcoded checks to fully adjustable database based solutions »

Why and how I started learning Python and Machine Learning pt.1

why Python and ML together? PHP web development is my current day job, but I have been looking into expanding my horizons for some time now. I would not dare »

Empty GIT commit

Empty commits in git make sense is some scenarios, you might use them to trigger workflows, builds, test commit hooks etc… To create an empty commit, simply »

PHPUnit: Mocking external data provider in functional tests

Mocking is a common thing in the world of automated testing, nothing to write home about. Nevertheless, I decided to document how to do it in Symfony with PHPUnit »