How to: OS X ad-hoc batch resize images

I am by no means any photographer who generates thousands of pictures per year and has apps and workflows around all that, but a need to batch resize big pictures »

Drupal: debugging to a file

Drupal and debugging often means using Devel, which ships with some very useful functions like dpm(), kpr(), dpq() and more for outputting debug stuff, but these »

Drupal: EntityMetadataWrapper auto-completing code

Using entity_metadata_wrapper() from the Entity API module has a lot of advantages discussed all over the internet, but it has been bugging me for quite some »

Drupal: Slow Manage Features page

Many sites and distributions built on Drupal make use of Features. It often happens that having a big number of features on a site makes the Manage Features »

Drupal: Save Entity Field Without Saving Entity Itself

Drupal provides API for saving entities such as node_save() or user_save(). Functions like this update the whole provided entity, using up a lot of resources »

Why Behavioural Testing?

There seems to be a lot of buzz around Behavioural testing in recent years. Here is a couple of thoughts from my side why could this be happening: »

How-to: Keep Shell Connection

It happens too often that I get disconnected from a shell connection after a while of inactivity with message Write failed: Broken pipe. To prevent this, simply »

How-to: Git - Ignore File Permissions Changes

It can get really annoying when git status reports changes in files which are not really changed, just some file permissions have been modified. In most cases »

How-to: Remove Extra Button Spacing/Padding in Firefox

It usually is Internet Explorer that makes the life of a web developer hard, but this time I stumbled upon an issue when Mozilla Firefox added unexpected padding »