Drupal: Open Atrium alter Message Notification type

Recently I needed to send Created message instead of Updated when editors publish node in Open Atrium. This is how you can simply alter message type, which is »

Drupal: debugging to a file

Drupal and debugging often means using Devel, which ships with some very useful functions like dpm(), kpr(), dpq() and more for outputting debug stuff, but these »

Drupal: EntityMetadataWrapper auto-completing code

Using entity_metadata_wrapper() from the Entity API module has a lot of advantages discussed all over the internet, but it has been bugging me for quite some »

Drupal: Slow Manage Features page

Many sites and distributions built on Drupal make use of Features. It often happens that having a big number of features on a site makes the Manage Features »

Drupal: Save Entity Field Without Saving Entity Itself

Drupal provides API for saving entities such as node_save() or user_save(). Functions like this update the whole provided entity, using up a lot of resources »